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These are absolutely skills that can be put on a resume.  Most often people write up a small post such as “If you found the information useful, won’t you please support us with a donation” and then add the donation button.  If you are a newbie it is recommended to start with affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Programs An increasing number of blogs use affiliate programs to monetize and make money blogging.   I can’t just quit my job!  You’ve taken some time for yourself, whether it be to raise a family, pursue a hobby, or care for loved ones, and even though you have not been “working,” you’ve most certainly been working.   Are you at a disadvantage having been out of the work force for a few years?  If you think about it if you write an article and it gets -0 clicks a day to your product’s sales page (which is super easy to get) then that is over 000 clicks a year to your sales page.   Blog posts should be informative, creative, and bring something more to the table the “boiler plate” posts found on other crafting websites.  The key to successful monetization is to keep ads that are relevant to your topic. 

That’s where starting your own home business comes into play in larger way.  We brought along with us Marles, my friend’s dog.  Advertisers are always looking for an opportunity to further promote their product or service.  If you check it out through my site, you will automatically be connected to me.

These are hyperlinked ads using different words within the body of your blog posts.  By creating your own job, you (and me and others) begin the process of shifting more influence and decision making power in our lives away from distant entities who view us as “buying units” or “human capital” towards, well, us!  That is why if you are properly armed with the knowledge in your topic you can be sure that you will always find the solution to any bad situation.  Help them turn it around.  Just like on any resume, this is what is going to sell your candidacy — sell yourself.  You should also choose the right coach or guru. 

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